Congratulations to November’s Venue of the Month, Paintball Horsham!


The winter weather may be closing in but it’s not stopping us playing paintball, and if you’re waging war this winter there’s only one place to be.. November’s Venue of The Month, Paintball Horsham!

Where do we start with what we love about this epic outdoor arena? Hmm, how about the game zones.. all 18 of them! That’s right, this colossal combat arena is home to 18 tailor-made game zones – and there’s even more on the way. Each offers a completely unique challenge too, so the action keeps on coming thick and fast. One minute you’re fighting for control of ‘King Arthur’s Castle’, the next you’re battling it out in the enormous 1 acre jungle war zone. We guarantee you’ve never played paintball like this before!

It’s not just the game zones that make Horsham Paintball worthy winners of our venue of the month award though. The team of instructors and marshals are well worth a mention too! With years of experience to call on they know exactly how to ensure every experience is as much fun as possible, and they definitely don’t disappoint. They also maintain impeccable safety standards, which means all you need to worry about is having a much fun as possible.

Something else which makes a trip to Paintball Horsham a must is the quality of the equipment, and it’s just as impressive as their game zones and commitment to customer service. On arrival you’re kitted up with the latest in paintball gear ready for the fight of your life, and trust us, when the kit’s this good there’s no excuse for ending the day on the losing team!

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s a look at some of Paintball Horsham’s fantastic five star reviews..

“A fantastic afternoon for my son’s 13th birthdaywith 7 of his friends. They had a brilliant time and the event was very well managed and safe”

Jackie – Paintball Horsham – 27th October 2017

“Absolutely brilliant service and operation!”

Andrew Boon – Paintball Horsham – 7th October 2017

Head into battle at this epic arena by booking here.

Say No To Socks & Get The Wannabe Action Hero In Your Life What They Really Want!

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but nobody wants socks for Christmas. In fact we’re so sick of socks that this year we’re saying a straight no to socks!

It’s not just socks we’re saying no to though, we’ve declared war on all those boring presents that get chucked in a draw as soon as Christmas is over. We want something as exciting as heading into battle and that’s why Go Ballistic vouchers make the perfect present.

Like all the best battle zones our vouchers are completely customisable. You choose the value (from £10), the message, and the gift wrap – making every voucher 100% one of a kind. It’s the message that gives you the chance to really put your stamp on things though, and over the years we’ve seen it all. So don’t be afraid to really let your creative juices flow.

Not only are Go Ballistic paintball vouchers completely customisable, they also get you into the UK and Ireland’s best paintball, airsoft and laser combat arenas. With over 220 different battle zones to choose from the lucky recipient will be sso spoilt for choice they won’t know where to start. They could even use their Go Ballistic vouchers to take on a terrifying zombie survival experience!

As if there wasn’t enough to love about Go Ballistic vouchers, they’re even easier to wrap than socks! You can either print them out at home and stick them in a card, or if you’ve picked a gift wallet or gift box they’ll arrive at your door perfectly presented and ready to be wrapped. If you like to leave things last minute (or have just plain forgotten somebody) you can even get your hands on paintball, airsoft and laser combat vouchers on Christmas Day. They’ll be sent straight to your email inbox and nobody will be any the wiser – the perfect crime.

We know what we’d rather get our hands on, don’t you? Knock their Christmas socks off by getting your hands on a Go Ballistic voucher here.

“I bought this as a gift for my dad and brother and they loved it! They had such a good day! I will definitely be booking again.”

Sharna Hayward, Airsoft Kidderminster

“My son and his friends had a brilliant time. Extremely well organised and a perfect present!”

Jacqui Purdy, Paintball Sidcup

Take The Pain Out of Christmas Party Planning With Go Ballistic

Although it’s not officially Christmas until you’ve seen the Coca-Cola advert, we’re already feeling pretty festive here at GB HQ and it’s usually around this time we start trying to convince you that paintball’s the perfect Christmas Party activity.

Not this year though, we’re not even going to waste our breath.. we asked Office Manager, Fiona, to do our dirty work for us instead! Here’s what she had to say after swapping the classic Christmas knees up for something even more messy.

“Every year, it’s always me that gets lumbered with the job of organising the office Christmas party and it’s an absolute nightmare. To make things even harder we usually try to avoid all the embarrassing stuff other offices do, and if you knew the rabble I worked with you’d understand why!

Instead of the bog-standard wild night out we like to spend our Xmas parties doing something we wouldn’t normally do. A lot of the guys go out at the weekend anyway, so working our way round the local bars and pubs isn’t really a unique way to celebrate surviving another year in the office.

I’m not sure why, but this year I decided it would be a great idea for us to go paintballing. The guys at work are always competing with each other, so I figured heading into battle would give them the perfect opportunity to unleash their competitive streak. For the rest of us it was more about getting some much needed payback, but I knew we’d all love it.

When I suggested paintball to the team, they all jumped at the idea – and before I’d even finished what I was saying the “office banter” was already flying round. I never knew we had so many paintball experts in the office! As a little extra treat I even arranged for us to finish work a day ahead of schedule, so we could head to the battlefield whilst everyone else was stuck at work.

The day of our event arrived and despite it being freezing cold there was no snow, which meant we could forget about feeling festive and focus on covering each other with paint. Altogether there were 19 of us on the battlefield and we got a game zone to ourselves, which made the whole thing even more exciting. The guys at the paintball site were all really friendly too and as soon as they found out we were on our Christmas party they really upped the ante.

We started off by playing all the classic games like Capture the Flag, but before I knew it was being chased down by pretty much the entire office. I’m not sure at what point I signed up for a game called “Hunt the Boss” but I guess that’s what you get for organising your Christmas party at a paintball park! I definitely held my own though and even managed to eliminate a couple of people before I was caught, that’ll teach em!

The whole event was a huge success and not only was it a great Christmas party, it was fantastic team building exercise. I’d recommend paintball to anybody, our office is a real mixed bunch of people and we all absolutely loved it. I’ll definitely be organising another event with Go Ballistic, but I won’t be waiting until next December. Paintball’s not just for Christmas!”

Ready to find out for yourself why paintball’s the perfect Christmas party activity? Book your Xmas party at

Still struggling to find the perfect Halloween costume? We’re here to help!

Over the years we’ve seen it all, from stags dressed in sumo suits, to hens wearing onesies.. and then there was that one bloke who tried to get away with wearing just his paintball mask, but the less said about him the better! All that experience makes us the perfect people to help in your moment of crisis though. So, get ready to raid the fancy dress box because these awesome ideas are as insane as they are inspiring..

The Classic Chicken Suit..

Ah, the humble chicken suit, a stone-cold classic and something we never get tired of seeing here at Go Ballistic. No matter how cool you think you are, nothing brings you crashing down to earth quite like squeezing into this feathered fancy dress outfit – and that’s why we love it! It makes anybody wearing it nice and easy to spot too, so you definitely won’t be forgotten in this cluckin’ epic ensemble.

The Blow-up Buddy..

C’mon it’s Halloween, we had to include at least one creepy costume and inflatable Frank fits the bill perfectly. On the paintball field he’s lightweight, perfectly coloured for woodland combat and pretty terrifying to anybody that meets him. Yes he could burst at any moment, but in our opinion that only adds to the excitement of exploring the world on your blow-up buddy’s shoulders.

The Bridezilla..

Believe it or not, we’ve seen more than one bride battle it out in their wedding dress, and trust us they don’t stay white very long. You can’t deny it’s an awesome fancy dress idea though and it’s only a matter of time before blokes get in on the act too. Until then we’re borrowing it for this blog though, and who could say no to the zombie bride?

The Savior in Spandex..

If we had £1 for every wannabe superhero we’d seen charging round the paintball field we’d have the kind of bank balance even Ironman would be envious of. It’s easy to see why people love dressing up as their favourite superhero though, and you’d be missing a trick (or treat) if you didn’t use Halloween as an excuse to squeeze into some spandex. And if you’re prepared to go that far, why not slip on a Spiderman mask, get round your neighbours house and demand some free sweets, they’ll never know it’s you.. 🙄


Forget The Walking Dead & Experience The Apocalypse For Real!

With Halloween on the horizon and paintball parks across the country already overrun by zombies, the undead invasion has officially begun. But it’s about more than just paintball this year because our ultra-immersive Zombie Survival Experiences are now here!

Putting you right at the heart of the apocalypse, these incredible experiences give you the chance to come face-to-face with the undead army, and if you thought The Walking Dead was scary you’re in for the fright of your life! There’s no time to be scared though, with everything from abandoned asylums to derelict factories overrun by the undead it’s a race against time to stop the zombie virus spreading.

With an epic arsenal of weapons at your disposal you’ll wage war with the living dead at some of the UK’s most terrifying locations, and whether you’re kitted up with a paintball marker or airsoft rifle you’re in for the fight of your life. It’s not juts the venues that are one-of-a-kind either, every experience is completely unique too, which means you never know what your next mission might be. One minute you could be searching your surroundings for survivors, the next you could be battling your way through huge hordes of zombies. The only thing that’s for sure is your survival skills will be pushed to the limit!

These awesome experiences aren’t just for zombie fans though, if you’re crazy about combat sports like airsoft and paintball you’ll love every second – but even if you’re not, what’s not to love about blowing zombies to pieces!

With 12 outbreaks already confirmed across the country now is the perfect time to join the fightback. So, what do you say, are you brave enough to take on a zombie survival experience?

Find your nearest venue here.

Zombies vs Clowns: The Ultimate Battle

With Tuesday being Face Your Fears Day and Halloween just around the corner too, we’ve been thinking about some of our biggest fears here at GB HQ and there are two clear winners..

Now normally it takes quite a lot to scare us, but after a quick poll of the office it turns out it’s a straight fight between zombies and clowns, which got us thinking – who would win in a straight fight between zombies and clowns?

Arguing the case for clowns is Jo and representing team zombie is Tom. Let’s get it on!


Don’t get me wrong I love The Walking Dead, but the whole concept of zombies is pretty terrifying if you think about it. Not only do they rise from the dead, they stink, they eat flesh and they make weird noises. They’re almost impossible to kill too, which means your average clown wouldn’t stand a chance. Plus if the infection spreads the clowns would be outnumbered in an instant, and then there’d be zombie clowns knocking about too – now that’s scary! Nope, there’s only one winner for me and it’d take more than a few circus runaways to stop the undead army.


I’d forgotten how creepy clowns were until I saw the trailer for the new IT movie, but seeing that face again has brought it all flooding back. There’s nothing funny about clowns, they’re just pure evil. The hair, the shoes, the make-up it’s the stuff of nightmares, and then there’s the laugh! OK, so clowns probably aren’t as dangerous as zombies, but zombies aren’t even real, so there’s no argument if you ask me. Even if zombies were real, they’re stupid and I’m 100% sure all clowns are evil masterminds, so they’d absolutely destroy them. And as for the zombie clowns, I don’t even want to think about that!

Who are you backing in this epic battle? Let us know in the comments below.. and if you think you’re brave enough to battle the undead army check out our range of incredible zombie survival experiences.

Paintball Elsham is Venue of the month

Already planning your next paintball battle? There’s only one place to wage war this month, September’s venue of the month, Paintball Elsham!

Hidden in the heart of thick forestland, this epic outdoor arena receives rave reviews on an almost daily basis, but throughout August we we’re absolutely inundated with five-star feedback, and it’s easy to see why! Spread over a whopping 120 acres, paintball sites don’t come much bigger or better than Elsham Paintball, and if you’re a fan of tailor-made missions and game zones you’re definitely in for a treat!


In total you’ll find five thrilling game zones to blast your way round and they’re home to some of the most immersive missions you can play. Some of the best games on offer include “Pyramids”, which gives you the chance to battle it out amongst ancient ruins, and “Daz Bukker” which takes trench combat to the next level. Picking a favourite is almost impossible though, so you’ve got the perfect excuse to give them all a go.

We’d also like to give a special mention to the team of instructors and marshals at Paintball Elsham, who ensure every experience is as exciting as possible. With years of paintball knowledge to call on they not only know all the best missions and all the best games, they also know how to make sure you’re hooked by the end of the day. So, if you’re not already addicted to paintball, you definitely will be after a trip to Elsham Paintball.

elshampaintballWith stacks of reviews to go through we could bombard you with brilliant feedback for Paintball Elsham, but we think their most recent review just about says it all!

“Great experience for my fiancés 40th birthday. Even my dad 50+ felt 18 again :).”

Kim Robinson – Paintball Elsham – 07th September 2017

To visit this epic outdoor arena head over to

Paintball Brighouse is our venue of the month!

We know not all of you have been enjoying the wet weather, but there are plenty of paintball players who’ve been absolutely loving it.. including ourselves! The rains definitely not ruined the fun at our venue of the month either, so if you’re ready to wage war whatever the weather, Paintball Brighouse is the place to be.


Boasting an unbeatable mix of manic missions and legendary game zones, Paintball Brighouse is the perfect place to battle it out with the best – and we guarantee you’re in for the fight of your life! With a variety of game zones to blast your way round including the cowboy-style ‘Western Fort’ your paintballing prowess will be pushed to the limit, and with tailor-made missions and objectives to complete you’ll feel like the star of a real life action film.

brighouse-villageWith all that to sink you teeth into is it any wonder Brighouse Paintball‘s such a big hit? That’s not all though, this epic woodland war zone is also home to a crack team of paintball experts that are ready to make every experience as enjoyable as possible. So whatever your experience level or ability, there’s nobody better qualified to deliver a day you’ll never forget and a battle of epic proptions.


Enough from us though, we think Paintball Brighouse’s recent reviews say it all..

“Cracking day, great fun.”

Tony Whitaker – Paintball Brighouse – 01st July 2017

“The boys had an absolute blast they highly recommend the course and had an absolutely awesome day.”

Vanessa Stansfield – Paintball Brighouse – 08th July 2017

3 School Holiday Paintball Games you need to play this summer!


School’s out, summer’s here and it’s time to play paintball! ..but don’t charge into battle just yet because we’ve got some awesome school holiday paintball games you need to try – and if you’re used to bossing Battlefield and killing it on COD, you definitely won’t want to miss out on these epic missions!


This GB favourite is about as brutal as it gets, and once the action’s over you won’t trust anybody! Here’s the intel:

The Set Up

  1. Assign every player a number.
  2. Make a note of the numbers on a scrap of paper.
  3. Draw numbers out of hat until every player has a target.

Your Mission

  1. Hunt down the player whose number you have.
  2. Avoid being eliminated by your assassin.
  3. Eliminate as many players as possible by the end of the games.

The Rules

  1. Only shoot the player whose number you have.
  2. When you assassinate your target move onto their target and continue the hunt.
  3. The winning player is the player with the most eliminations & if you’re hit you’re out.


Call The Medic

medicDriver-Wood-APR-2015-WEB-921-1160x774There’s nothing worse than an early elimination, which is why we guarantee Call The Medic will be one of the best games you play this summer.

The Set Up

  1. Split the group into two teams.
  2. Give one player from each team the role of medic.

Your Mission

  1. Eliminate as many players as possible.
  2. Protect the medic.

The Medic’s Mission

  1. Heal eliminated teammates.
  2. Avoid elimination.

The Rules

  1. If you’re hit raise your hand and wait for the medic to heal you.
  2. If the medic is hit they’re out of the game and eliminated players can no longer be healed.
  3. Don’t shoot at players that have already been eliminated.
  4. The winning team is the last team standing.


Plant The Bomb

1450264_615150001876881_1022277630_n8This classic game of attack vs defence will test your battle tactics like nothing else, and whichever side you find yourself on you’re in for the fight of your life!

The Set Up

  1. Split the group into two teams, attackers and defenders.
  2. Find a box or smoke grenade that can be used as the makeshift bomb.

Attacking Team’s Mission

  1. Storm the defending teams base.
  2. Plant and detonate the bomb.
  3. Eliminate as many players as possible.

Defending Team’s Mission

  1. Defend your base.
  2. Eliminate the attackers before they plant the bomb.

The Rules

  1. Standard rules of elimination apply.
  2. The attacking team must reach a designated area before planting the bomb.
  3. The game ends when the bomb has been detonated or when all players are eliminated.

Have you tried any of these awesome games? Let us know in the comments below, or if we’ve missed your favourite mission send us the intel and we’ll give it a go next time we’re heading into battle!

Paintball Newbury joins Go Ballistic

Another week at Go Ballistic HQ means another wave of new venues, and we’re kicking off the first weeks of the summer holidays with a bang! So, if you’re planning on packing in as much paintball as possible over the next six weeks, make sure you find time to visit the epic Paintball Newbury!


Spread across 35 acres of varied woodland terrain, Paintball Newbury delivers military-inspired paintball pandemonium by the bucket-load – and trust us you’ll love every second. With five custom-built battle zones to blast your way round, this awesome woodland war zone is perfect for players who love unleashing their inner action hero. So if you’ve always dreamt of starring in your very own Hollywood blockbuster, there’s nowhere better to get your paintball fix.

It’s not just the game zones that make Newbury paintball the perfect place for paintball, the range of missions and games on offer add to the excitement too. Zones like “The Village” and “The Bridge” lend themselves to a variety of classic games such as capture the flag and plant the bomb, but one of the real highlights is “Casualty”, a scenario-based game which gives you the chance to rescue an injured soldier and escort them to the safety of a military ambulance. Whatever the mission, whatever your experience level, your paintball skills are guaranteed to be pushed to the limit at Paintball Newbury!newburypaintball2

Another thing you’ll love about Newbury Paintball is the choice of packages and experiences, and this brilliant venue even offers low impact paintball sessions which are tailor-made for children aged 8+. So whether you’re planning a party or just some family fun, kids and big kids are in for a day they’ll never forget.

For more information about Go Ballistic’s newest recruit head over to Paintball Newbury’s dedicated venue page, where you’ll find even more of what this brilliant site has to offer.