Go Ballistic Welcomes Oldham Low Impact Paintball

You don’t always have to take your paintballing adventure outdoors – Go Ballistic’s indoor venues offer plenty of epic action too, and our Oldham site is no exception! On that note, we can announce that they are now offering Low Impact Paintball!

Quite often, outdoor venues involve getting covered in mud, especially with the unpredictable weather we have! But, come rain or shine, you’ll still be able to get your fix of adrenaline at our indoor Oldham paintballing venue. It’s within striking distance of Manchester city centre too, meaning you’ll be close by to some amazing tourist attractions once you’ve encountered an awesome Low Impact Paintball experience!

Designed for young adrenaline seekers aged between 8-11 years old, Oldham’s new Low Impact Paintball package guarantees all the adrenaline of regular paintball. But, there’s one big difference – juniors will be equipped with a specially designed paintball marker which fires paintballs at a lower velocity – around one third of the force of regular paintballs to be exact! As the paintballs are designed to burst upon impact, this means it’s perfect for juniors who are looking to put their gaming skills to the test in a real-life warzone!

Juniors are guaranteed an awesome battle at our Indoor Paintball venue, which makes it ideal for birthday party that the kids will be talking about for months to come! There’s no need to worry either, as no matter what their level of ability is, all participants will be provided with a full safety briefing and all of the equipment they need to take part.

If you’d like to find out any more information about our Oldham venue’s new Low Impact Paintball package, then visit the following link and you can do just that.

A Brief History Of Paintball

Paintball is one of those activities which is played by a whole host of different people, both professionally and recreationally. Most of us play it once in a blue moon, some people play it every weekend, and some people haven’t even stepped foot in a paintball game zone at all.

While paintball borrows aspects from other team sports, it really is a unique sport which is like no other. As the game continues to grow in popularity, equipment is evolving, rules are being set, and there are even leagues being formed. But where and how did it all begin?

Paint & Markers

Back in the 1960s, Charles Nelson of the Nelson Paint Company, Michigan, patented a number of paint-projectile devices which were to be used by foresters to mark certain trees from a long distance. Nelson ended up producing an oil and gelatin-based paint pellet which could be fed into a gun (or marker) so that both foresters and farmers alike could benefit from this invention.

The first ever markers which were compatible with Nelson’s paintballs were produced by the Crosman company – the Crosman 707. However, the gun didn’t sell all too well and Crosman stopped production of the marker after a few years. Production changed hands to air rifle manufacturer Daisy, who then created the aptly named Daisy Splotchmarker (Nel-spot 007) in 1972.

The First Game

The Daisy Nel-spot 007 was, in fact, used in the first ever paintball game which was 27th June, 1981. The game was a pre-planned activity created by two friends: Hayes Noel (a stockbroker) and Charles Gaines (a writer). Over a few drinks one evening, they discussed whether they would be able to survive in the woods ahead of someone who was already familiar with a woodland environment, such as a hunter, a soldier, or an outdoorsman.

Another friend of theirs, Bob Gurnsey, saw some markers advertised in the local newspaper and they began writing up some rules of what would be the first ever game of paintball. They decided that the entrance fee for the game would be $175, which included equipment, food and beverages throughout the day.

A total of 9 people accepted invitations to take part in the first ever game – half of which were avid hunters and the other half consisted of other ‘city boys’ such as a venture capitalists and surgeons. Armed with a Nel-spot 007 each, they embarked to their game zone, an 80-acre site which was close to Charles Gaines’ house.

The 12 men kicked things off with Capture The Flag – a game which is still played today – and, after many heated exchanges, the ‘city boys’ ended up coming out on top, beating the outdoorsy hunters who were on the opposing team. The first ever paintball game had been won!

Since then, many things have changed – for the better! First of all, it’s certainly not as expensive as it used to be! Secondly, water-based paint now replaces old oil-based pellets and many markers are power-restricted to ensure the safety of players. What’s more, front pumps and gas tanks were added to paintball markers across the board, making them more user-friendly. While the game may have progressed, Noel and Gaines’ original query is still answered today by the players who load up their hoppers, put on their safety masks and step into the paintball game zone week after week.

Paintball really is a game for players of all ages and abilities. At the top, there are many professional teams who compete at both national and international level. But for most of us, there are thousands of players who take part in recreational paintball just for fun, whether it’s for a birthday celebration, a corporate event, a hen or stag do or even if it’s just to do something different!

Now, it’s time for you to make your own history by embarking on your own Paintball adventure. With over 120 paintball sites across the UK, you’ll be sure to find a location which is convenient for you.

Go Ballistic Announce New Cribbs Causeway Low Impact Venue!

Low Impact Paintball is all the rage at the moment, and for good reason too – it offers the full paintball experience for juniors as young as eight! On that note, Go Ballistic HQ are proud to announce that our new Cribbs Causeway venue are offering the fun-filled activity!

Situated within striking distance of the wonderful historic city of Bristol, you’ll never be short of things to do and places to visit once the little ones have tested their gaming skills in a real-life battlezone! This includes the likes of Wild Place Project, Blaise Castle, and so much more! But of course, it’s our Cribbs Causeway venue where you’ll find all of the action!

Using a specially adapted paintball gun that fires out smaller paintballs at a lower velocity, it’s tailor-made for young adrenaline junkies. This means it’s perfect for an action-packed birthday party that the kids are sure to remember for years to come! The paintballs are smaller than regular paintballs, and they are designed to burst on impact too. Not only that, they’re also around a third of the force of regular paintballs! But, rest assured, all participants will be provided with all the equipment they need, as well as a full safety briefing.

If you’d like to find out more about our new Cribbs Causeway venue, then visit the following link to find out all that you need to know.

Paintball Birmingham Southwest is Venue of the Month!

We might have had some pretty awful weather here in the UK recently, courtesy of the so-called ‘Beast From The East’, but what better way to keep warm than to charge around our Birmingham South West venue, where you will get the chance to battle your way to victory in the warzone! Well, thanks to a series of glowing reviews, Go Ballistic HQ are proud to announce that Birmingham South West has won our March venue of the month award!

Catering for paintballers of all abilities, it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll leave our site feeling totally exhilarated! With 200 acres of woodland at your disposal, you’ll be able to take part in one of a wide range of immersive game zones, all specially designed to deliver an awesome war-like experience!

Go Ballistic’s Birmingham South West venue is one of the finest paintballing sites that you’ll find anywhere in the Midlands. But, don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what paintballers from across the region had to say once they’d paid us a visit!

“Great day staff really professional, friendly and helpful”.

Michael Delaney

“Awesome day, so much fun”.

Haydn Collins

If you’d like to find out more about Go Ballistic’s Birmingham South West venue, then visit the following link and you can do just that!

Go Ballistic Presents: Irish Action & Adventure Movie Heroes!

Here at Go Ballistic HQ, we’re always up for celebration, no matter what the occasion, and St. Patrick’s Day is certainly no exception! Of course, we’re also always up for obtaining our next action fix too – entering the battlefield to take part in a truly exhilarating game of paintball! To play our part in the celebrations, here’s our list of Irish action and adventure movie heroes who have all graced our screens in style over the years:

Michael Fassbender

Although he was born in Germany in 1977, Michael Fassbender is actually Irish. After reaching mainstream success through his role in 300 in 2006, Fassbender’s career has taken off considerably – becoming widely known for his portrayal of Magneto in X-Men. More recently, he’s appeared in films such as Assassin’s Creed, in addition to his role in the Alien film series. Away from the big screen, he’s also found success in hit TV series such as the critically acclaimed Band of Brothers.

Pierce Brosnan

Born in Drogheda, County Louth in 1953, Pierce Brosnan is an Irish action hero who is renowned for his roles in several action and thriller movies over the years. We’re totally jealous of this guy. After all, he got to play the part of James Bond – pretty much every man’s dream! He appeared as 007 a total of four times in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, and Die Another Day. However, he most definitely has a softer side, appearing in the likes of Mamma Mia and Mrs. Doubtfire in 2008 and 1993 respectively.

Cillian Murphy

Born in Douglas, Cork in 1976, Cillian Murphy has appeared in several critically acclaimed films and TV shows over the years. Currently, he’s most widely known for his portrayal of Thomas Shelby in the hit BBC gangster series Peaky Blinders. However, he’s also appeared as Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy (which, if you haven’t seen, you certainly need to!)

Liam Neeson

Born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland in 1952, our list most definitely wouldn’t be complete without this action sensation. After he rose to fame in his role as the lead character in Steven Spielberg’s magnificent 1993 film Schindler’s List, he’s gone on to star in several commercially successful films throughout his acting career. Fast forward to more recent years, and he’s starred in such films as the Taken series, Non-Stop, and The Commuter.


If you’re looking to unleash your inner action movie hero this St. Patrick’s Day, then you couldn’t go far wrong by choosing one of Go Ballistic’s many awesome venues spread throughout the country. You can find your nearest venue by visiting the following link. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from us all at Go Ballistic HQ!

Hereford Laser Combat Joins Go Ballistic!

Another week, another new venue! So, if you’re looking for a fun-filled and competitive activity, we’ve got the perfect action sport for you! Without further ado, Go Ballistic are proud to welcome on board our new Laser Combat site based in Hereford. Not sure what Laser Combat is? Then read on, and we’ll tell you all you need to know!

First of all, you’ll find that our new Hereford venue is placed perfectly on a 45 acre site within the charming Herefordshire village of Much Dewchurch, meaning you’ll not only be able to experience a true burst of adrenaline, but there will be plenty of magnificent views for you to enjoy too!

Now, it’s time to tell you all about the main attraction. Feel like a real-life Army hero as you go head to head with your friends – entering the battlefield equipped with a replica MP5 gun! Taking part in an authentic war-like experience, you’ll be tasked with taking out the enemy whilst wearing an infrared sensitive target. Be warned though, you’ll have to avoid several beams being aimed at you from all angles. Otherwise, you might just find yourself eliminated from the game! Now, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Tailor made for large groups, you’ll discover that Laser Combat is the perfect activity for a memorable stag/hen party, or perhaps a corporate event that is way more fun than your average office based team-building activities! Not only that, Laser Combat is perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike – with expert tuition and a full safety briefing provided by an experienced instructor.

Guaranteed to let your competitive side shine through, Laser Combat is a truly awesome activity – perfect for all those wanting to emerge victorious over their friends! If you’d like to find out more about our new Laser Combat venue, then you can do just that by visiting the following link.

Our Top 4 Valentine’s Day Dates

As Valentines Day quickly approaches, we take to the internet to try and find some inspiration for the perfect Valentines Gift! Fortunately for you, we’ll provide you with plenty of cheap and affordable options – so you won’t have to go breaking the bank to show your love!

Do What You Love

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, so why not do something you love? Another excuse to get you out on the battlefield, Paintball is a unique and enjoyable way to spend the day as you compete side-by-side to overcome a range of challenging military-themed missions! With over 220 venues across the UK and Ireland, Go Ballistic is bound to have a venue to accommodate you and your partner.

Duvet Day

Why do you have to spend tonnes of money on one another just to show your love? Why not do something you both enjoy by sitting in, ordering your favourite takeaway and binge watch your favourite series/films! This cute and cosy night in is an enjoyable way to spend time with your partner in crime without stepping foot out of the house!

A Gift Voucher

If, like us, you’ve struggled to find the perfect present before, why not purchase a gift voucher? If your partner is an adrenaline-seeker, Our friends at Geronigo provide you with a gift voucher for not only paintball but around 70 odd other equally exciting activities

A Day Out

You’d honestly be surprised at the number of beautiful locations that sit right here on our doorstep. If you’re looking for something unique and romantic to do, why not have a day out in the beautiful Lake District? It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy, either. A picnic and a tent are all you need to enjoy this stunning location!

With all these ideas, we’re sure that you’re going to have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

Paintball Woking is Venue of the Month!

As Valentines Day and the Month of Love approaches, you war-loving war heroes have been out in force to get in that last bit of military-themed fun as you splatter your opponents with Paintballs! Therefore, there’s been no shortage of amazing reviews about our Paintball venues and for, in particular, our January venue of the month – Paintball Woking!

Custom-built to provide you thrill-seekers with a Paintballing adventure to remember, you’ll have to work together with your troops in unity as you aim to evade the enemy that lurks on our 46-acre battlefield!

With over 7 main gaming areas situated in a mixture of woodland and urban game zones, your experience is guaranteed to be varied and challenging as you hover your finger over the trigger – anticipating the emergence of an on-rushing and kill-hungry opponent!

Wondering if you or your troops would enjoy this military experience? Well, by the looks of these reviews, you certainly will! Click here to book in your militaristic adventure.

‘the boys had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed the experience.! my son said “best party he’s ever had” so that’s testament in itself’

Rebecca Slade – Woking, Paintball – 30 Dec 2017

‘the boys loved it’

Tracy Williams – Woking, Paintball – 02 Jan 2018

Paintball St Albans Wins December’s Venue of the Month!

Less than a week to go until Christmas and the celebrations have started early at GB HQ – and no not because we’ve decided to extend our Christmas party! We’re celebrating our latest venue of the month, and we’re delighted to announce it’s Paintball St Albans that are taking home the title in time for Christmas.

Throughout December we’ve been absolutely inundated with five-star feedback for this brilliant battle zone, and after claiming December’s venue of the month award they’re now part of a very elite club. Yep, they’re one of just two paintball parks to have won our venue of the month award twice – and that tells you everything you need to know about just how awesome this woodland war zone is!

That’s not going to stop us singing their praises though, after all there’s a lot to love about unleashing your inner action hero at St Albans Paintball, starting with game zones. If you’re a fan of expansive outdoor games zones bursting with action and ambush opportunities there really is nowhere better, and with 7 different maps to blast your way round you’re guaranteed the fight of your life. One minute you’re battling it out in the legendary pyramid and Stonehenge game zones, the next you’re waging war in the super exciting speedball arena. What’s not to love?

As well as being home to some of the country’s best game zones, Paintball St Albans is also home to some of best staff and instructors too – and they’re even crazier about paintball than we are! They ensure every experience is as much fun as possible, whilst also maintaining the highest safety standards, meaning paintballers of all ages and abilities can focus on enjoying every single second. With experience running events of all sizes too, whatever the occasion there’s nobody better qualified to give you an unforgettable day of paintball.

Enough from us though, here’s a look at some of those five star reviews we mentioned..

“The guys that led our group of 9/10 year olds were great – the boys really liked them and they were fun and strict with rules at the same time.”

Nicola Lloyd – St Albans, Paintball – 09 Dec 2017

“Absolutely one of the best days out this year, great staff and a great arena.”

Olly Withers – St Albans, Paintball – 02 Dec 2017

“Game play and marshalls were brilliant. All staff friendly and down to earth.”

Mark Bishop – St Albans, Paintball – 18 Nov 2017

“John and his staff were excellent. They dealt with a large group of excited fifteen-year-old girls with both friendliness and safety awareness. They even laid on extra facilities to help with the food and decorations and offered to provide extra food if needed. They made my daughter’s birthday party extra special.”

Imogen Balladares – St Albans, Paintball – 12 Nov 2017

We told you they were good! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the fight of your life by heading into battle at the awesome St Albans Paintball.

Have You Spotted These 5 Types Of Christmas Shopper?

Less than two weeks ’til Christmas and we still haven’t started our shopping! It’s OK though, we’re not alone. According to our *ahem expert research, millions of people like to leave things last minute. That’s not all we’ve discovered though, we’ve spotted five types of Christmas shopper and we reckon you’ll recognise them too..

The Trolley Dasher

Let’s face it, we’ve all done it. You’ve left things too late and before you know it you’re charging round the supermarket stuffing everything and everything into your trolley. Merry Christmas mum, here’s that shower gel you always wanted.

The Super Shopper

The super shopper is the exact opposite of The Trolley Dasher, they did their shopping months ago and they’ve had it wrapped since September. The only thing they enjoy more than being outrageously organised is telling everybody just how organised they are.

The Let Somebody Else Do It-er

If this is you you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. As far as you’re concerned the presents buy themselves, wrap themselves and magically find their under the tree. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The One Day Wonder

Deep down we all hate Christmas shopping, but The One Day Wonder really hates Christmas shopping, and that’s why they’re not coming home until they’ve bought every last present. It could take 2 hours, it could take 12, as long as it’s done in a single day they really don’t care.

The Last Minute Hero

Leaving things last minute isn’t always a bad thing. Just look at The Last Minute Hero, they mange to pull it out of the bag every year without fail and they spend most of the festive season eating, drinking and being merry. Yep, with just days to spare they’ll nip down the shops and return with the perfect presents foe everybody they know.

What type of Christmas shopper are you? Let us know in the comments below, or if you’re still in search of the perfect present head over to the Go Ballistic website!