What to Wear for Paintball

Despite its military background, you might be surprised (and pleased) to discover that the grand ole game of paintball doesn’t require too much specialist equipment. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. For your own peace of mind, each and every one of our UK paintball sites provide the standard equipment needed such as your paintball marker, mask, goggles and overalls.

However, as with any outdoor activity, it’s important to prepare beforehand and think about what you’re going to wear underneath all of that protective gear. The general rule here at Go Ballistic is to put function before fashion – for your own and everyone else’s safety. So, read on to discover what we think you should be wearing when you turn up for a day of Go Ballistic paintballing action!

Head and Hands

All of our paintballing sites will provide the overall protection for your head and eyes through goggles and masks, but there are additional steps you can take to ensure that your most precious body part can be well protected from those flying paintballs! You could sport your hood from your hoodie, as this provides neck protection, too. Failing that, then a baseball cap (worn backwards) or a beanie hat should do the trick. To protect your hands, consider wearing golf, gardening or gym gloves, as these offer a certain degree of protection but aren’t too cumbersome.

Top Half

It’s important to cover as much as possible up top as a direct paintball hit on bare skin can be a painful affair. This rules out vests, t-shirts and any other short-sleeved top you may be considering! We suggest wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt or a hoody – which is also useful for neck protection. If the weather’s wet (let’s be honest, it probably will be) then remember to pack a waterproof jacket. But, in our opinion, the more mud, the better!

Bottom Half

It’s best to favour comfort and protection over fashion – so leave those skinny jeans at home! We’d recommend wearing a pair of loose-fitting jogging or tracksuit bottoms. Failing these, then a solid pair of cargo pants would also do the job sufficiently. Remember that all of our paintballing experiences include overalls to wear on the day, so make sure you’ve got room for them over your underclothing!


Leave your Jimmy Choos at home and dig those old trainers out of the shoe rack because you’re going to have to wear something you don’t mind getting wet and dirty on your feet. If you can, opt for a high-top shoe which offers some degree of ankle support, as ankle twists are the most common injury when paintballing.

Final Thoughts

The above pointers should shoot you in the right direction for safety and success out in the paintball arena. The most important thing to remember is to favour function over fashion, as it could be the difference between a minor or more serious injury. Also, be sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting muddy and covered in paint! The water-based soluble paint used in paintballs washes out of clothes easily, but it’s best to play it safe by not wearing your Sunday best. That’s about all there is to it. All that’s left to do is to think comfort, think safety and most importantly, enjoy the game!

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