Are You Ready for the Fright of Your Life This Halloween?

With Halloween on the horizon and paintball parks across the country already overrun by zombies, the undead invasion has officially begun. But it’s about more than just paintball this year because our ultra-immersive Zombie Survival Experiences are now here!

Putting you right at the heart of the apocalypse, these incredible experiences give you the chance to come face-to-face with the undead army, and if you thought The Walking Dead was scary, then you’re in for the fright of your life! There’s no time to be scared though, with everything from abandoned asylums to derelict factories overrun by the undead it’s a race against time to stop the zombie virus spreading.

With an epic arsenal of weapons at your disposal you’ll wage war with the living dead at some of the UK’s most terrifying locations, where you’re kitted up with a paintball marker or airsoft rifle. It’s not just the venues that are one-of-a-kind either, every experience is completely unique too, which means you never know what your next mission might be. One minute you could be searching your surroundings for survivors, the next you could be battling your way through huge hordes of zombies. The only thing that’s for sure is your survival skills will be pushed to the limit!

These awesome experiences aren’t just for zombie fans though, if you’re crazy about combat sports like airsoft and paintball you’ll love every second – but even if you’re not, what’s not to love about blowing zombies to pieces!

With 12 outbreaks already confirmed across the country now is the perfect time to join the fightback. So, what do you say, are you brave enough to take on a zombie survival experience?

You can find your nearest venue here.

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