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Perfect for younger players, Go Ballistic's low impact paintball sites deliver all the thrills of the sport, but without the "ouch" factor that sometimes comes along with it! The low impact paintballs don’t get in the way of the high impact fun, so get ready for authentic military style madness!

With plenty of packages available, including birthday experiences, there really is something for everybody here. Get your squad together and head straight on down for excellent paintball action.

Everybody wants to be a part of the paintball thrills- but for younger players, the intense nature of the battlefield means that they will often have to miss out on the fun. Luckily, Go Ballistic have a variety of low impact paintball locations across Britain, that are suitable for players as young as 7. The only change is a simple change in the paintballs used and the type of paintball guns used to fire them. They still look the same as before, but have been modified to give no “ouch” factor and only the fun!

We have low impact challenges at both indoor and outdoor locations up and down the country, all with a wide range of awesome battle scenarios. If you want to organise an event the kids will never forget as part of the most awesome birthday celebrations around, we can’t think of a single better activity.

However, if it is a private party with the group split into two teams (perfect for corporate events, as well as birthdays), most sites average around a minimum of 20 players for the booking. When you arrive on site, the groups will change into overalls, pick up their weapons and head straight to the battlefield. On a smaller, or non-private booking, you will be battling it out against other players. We always try to match teams in size, so a group of 4 won’t be battling a group of 12!

You will play a handful of different games across the session- usually low impact twists on the most thrilling games we have, so you’ll still be at the centre of epic action. With paint flying from every angle, you’ll definitely feel like an action hero as you lead your team closer to victory after taking part in each heart pounding mission.

The paintballs may have a lower impact, but the thrill factor is just as strong as ever! With plenty of locations across the country, it couldn’t be easier to come and join us.