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Want a paintball game with a little more bite? Then you'll definitely love one of our unique, thrilling and downright terrifying zombie paintball experiences. Rally your troops and head straight to the zombie apocalypse, where you are mankind's last hope for survival. Think you have what it takes to save the world?

With a variety of different battle scenarios, there won't be a single dull moment when you play at one of our zombie paintball sites. Step out of the real world and straight into an action packed horror movie.

Paintball may make you feel like you have entered a real life battlefield. But being in the trenches of a war zone is nothing compared to the horrifying experience of being face to face with zombies, fighting for your life in the middle of the apocalypse. At Go Ballistic, we offer plenty of once in a lifetime zombie experiences, that will transform you and your squad into certified zombie killers, battling it out to save the world for mankind!

As these war zones bring nightmares to life, it goes without saying they are not suitable for younger players. Instead, you have to be at least 12 to take part in many of our events- after all, you’re not going to leave the job of saving the world to younger kids are you? You won’t just be fighting zombies of course, as you’ll be battling other survivors to stay alive. There are only few supplies left and you’ll do whatever it takes to get to them first!

The minimum group size varies from venue to venue, but for the best experience, we say get a group of 10 together. This is the perfect activity for stag/hen parties, as well as the wildest corporate event and birthday party ideas imaginable, so you will need plenty of comrades on your team to take on the undead. Your survival counts on it!

When you get to the site, you’ll be using all the latest equipment and will be getting straight into the action after a brief training session. All our locations have specially designed layouts to fully immerse you in the zombie warfare, so you’ll feel like an action hero in the middle of a blockbuster horror movie! Our outdoor sights let you fight through churches and graveyards in a spot of holy warfare- whilst there’s nothing scarier than our indoor underground bunkers, when they could be attacking from all around you!

With all this action, there should be no surprise why zombie paintball is one of the most exciting extreme sports imaginable. Get straight to the front lines and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.