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Paintballing Glasgow

When it comes to playing paintball in Scotland, Galsgow's right at the heart of the action, and with some of the best paintball sites in the country surrounding the city there's nowhere better to kit up and make some mess!

Despite its industrial image Glasgow is surrounded by rugged countryside, which makes it the perfect place for paintball. Our Strathaven, Shotts, Kilmarnock, South Queensferry and Edinburgh venues are all outdoors too, and with tailor-made game zones that make the most of the natural surroundings you'll get to experience woodland combat at it's best.

As well as boasting some seriously impressive scenery the sites in the area are also home to some of the best maps and game zones too, which let's face it is far more important! At our Shotts venue you'll be battling it out on the grounds of an old explosives site, with game zones that feature everything from bunkers and buildings, to towers and trenches. Then there's our Strathaven, Kilmarnock and South Queensferry venues, where you'll find tailor-made game zones such Maze Runner and The Tomb, and get to battle it out to seize control woodland castles and forts. But if you're looking for choice our Edinburgh Outdoor venue is the place to be, and with 15 different game zones to blast your way round you can really let your inner action hero run wild.

With maps and game zones tailored to different mission and games you can really test your combat skills too, and as well as taking on all the classics like capture the flag and plant the bomb, you'll also be storming buildings, rescuing hostages and hunting outlaws.

So if you're setting up camp in Scotland Glasgow's right at the heart of the paintball action, and with the furthest venue in the area being just over 35 miles from the city centre you're never too far from your nearest Go Ballistic paintball park. So get ready for some serious fun!