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Taking part in our 2 hour Airsoft package, you'll find that our venue in Cribbs Causeway is ideal for any group events, particularly due to the highly beginner-friendly nature of this action-packed activity! Equipped with a realistic replica of a military firearm, you will be able to fire up to 600 BB's a minute, perfect for all those with an itchy trigger finger! You'll get the chance to take part in multiple game zones, where there will be a range of challenging scenarios for you to take on. But, be warned, you'll have to defend your team at all costs in order to avoid defeat! All equipment is included within the cost of the package, in addition to a full safety briefing and full tuition.

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Enter the battleground and prepare for war; that's exactly what's in store for you at our amazing Cribbs Causeway venue! Equipped with a state of the art Airsoft gun, you'll be tasked with attacking the enemy and defending your fellow team members. Soon enough, your inner war hero will be unleashed! With some of our realistic guns able to fire up to 40m, you'll have to try and avoid being hit with ball bullets that are being fired across the battlefield from all angles! There's no need to have any prior experience, as this activity is perfect for those of all ability levels. Full tuition, safety briefing, and all the equipment you need to take part is provided to you on the day.

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