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  • Southport, Sefton Paintball

    From £7.50 pp Min. Age 9

    commute 13 miles from Blackpool, Blackpool

    A stunning 75 acre paintball arena with 8 thrilling game zones to choose from, including the Temple, an imposing purpose-built c...

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  • Preston Paintball

    From £7.50 pp Min. Age 8

    commute 15 miles from Blackpool, Blackpool

    A brilliant paintball site in Preston with 5 game zones to tackle, like Octopus, Dracula, The Fort and The Hulk Field. Each zone is crammed with ba...

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  • Ormskirk Paintball

    From £7.50 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 21 miles from Blackpool, Blackpool

    A 16 acre war zone, set within dense north west forest terrain, full to bursting with purpose-built barricades, forts and abandoned vehicles. Home ...

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  • Liverpool Paintball

    From £22.99 pp Min. Age 8

    commute 28 miles from Blackpool, Blackpool

    Paint-splattering action is guaranteed as you participate in the close-quarter mayhem of paintball at our spectacular indoor battlefield in Liverpool!

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  • Manchester Paintball

    From £7.50 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 35 miles from Blackpool, Blackpool

    This fantastic site, easily accessible from Manchester and the north-west, features several gaming areas across our woodland battleground and sever...

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  • Frodsham, Cheshire Paintball

    From £39.99 pp Min. Age 16

    commute 40 miles from Blackpool, Blackpool

    Located within 200 acres of stunning Cheshire countryside. The ideal location for businesses throughout the North West seeking a venue to host corp...

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Paintballing Blackpool

Blackpool is still one of the UK's favourite seaside retreats, and when it comes to playing paintball it's right at the heart of the action. So forget The Tower and The Golden Mile because nothing can compete with the fun of heading into battle!

As well as a venue a short distance from the town centre itself you'll also find venues at Preston, Formby, Ormskirk and Wigan too, and with tailor-made game zones at each you're guaranteed to find the perfect place to head into battle.

It's not just the choice of venues that makes Blackpool the perfect place for paintball though, it's the game zones you'll be battling it out in. All five of our venues in the area are outdoor sites, which means you'll get to experience everything from woodland warfare to urban assaults, and with game zones designed to make the most of the surroundings you're guaranteed some serious fun.

If you're looking to stay within eye-shot of the Tower our Blackpool venue is the place to be, and with game zones hidden amongst woodland and fields it's purpose-built for paintball. But if you're exploring the area our Preston and Formby sites are packed with everything from forts and towers, to bunkers and barricades. You'll even be pursued by the Predator if you're brave enough to head into battle at Formby!

If like us you love traditional woodland arenas though our Ormskirk and Wigan venues are built into acres of dense woodland, and with game zones bursting with bunkers, buildings and burnt-out cars you still can't beat battling it out amongst the trees. With game zones tailored to different missions and scenarios too, whichever venue you choose your combat skills will be pushed to the limit.

With the furthest venue in the area being just over 20 miles from Blackpool you're never too far from your nearest Go Ballistic paintball park, and getting to and from our sites couldn't be easier. So there's no excuse not to kit up and head into battle!