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Closest sites to Hereford

  • Hereford Paintball

    Min. Age 12

    5 miles from Hereford

    March your mates into our 45 acre woodland battleground with its thrilling game environments like The Fort, The Tyre Zone and the Dead Zone. You're armed with the best gear available and you use it during thrilling games like Hunt the Colonel, Attack The Village and Annihilation, in which the object of the game is to hunt and attack everybody.

  • Hereford Laser

    Min. Age 8

    5 miles from Hereford

    Hidden in the heart of 45 acres of wild woodland, this awesome outdoor arena is tailor-made for laser combat – and even boasts four fantastic themed game zones to battle it out in!

  • Droitwich, Worcestershire Airsoft

    Min. Age 10

    30 miles from Hereford

    With over 42,000 visits since 2012, come see what all the fuss is about at our high quality, realistic, competitive and tactical Airsoft venue in Droitwich.

  • Droitwich, Worcestershire Zombie Survival

    Min. Age 14

    30 miles from Hereford

    With zombies roaming free, the situation at Droitwich is critical, but only the bravest recruits will have what it takes to halt the undead. Are you up to the task?
  • Liverpool Indoor Paintball

    Min. Age 8

    95 miles from Hereford

    Paint-splattering action is guaranteed as you participate in the close-quarter mayhem of paintball at our spectacular indoor battlefield in Liverpool!

"8 12/13 yr old boys had a great afternoon. Facilities perfect for our needs. Good shade on a sunny day. "

Judith Dowds, Cambridge Paintball

RATED 3.1 out of 5

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