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Below are the 8 nearest locations to Ipswich.

  • Ipswich Laser Combat

    Min. Age 7

    2.7 miles from Ipswich

    Get your group together, dress up in cammo and get armed to the teeth. It's time for laser combat! At our superb Ipswich venue we can boast top of the range laser guns that can hit a target from 100m away and run on the latest laser technology. Unlike paintball there's no paint and no pain, but you're still guaranteed all the adrenaline and trigger pumping action of a military simulation as you do battle in a variety of game zones and scenarios. Will you guide your team to victory?

  • Ipswich - Ufford Paintball

    Min. Age 12

    9.7 miles from Ipswich

    With 7 action-packed game zones to battle your way round this epic woodland war zone is the perfect place to kit up and head into battle!

  • Snetterton, Norfolk Airsoft

    Min. Age 10

    29.8 miles from Ipswich

    Located a short distance from both Norwich and Thetford this awesome indoor airsoft arena is the perfect place to kit up and head into battle. With a specially designed pop-up combat lane to blast your way through too, there's nowhere better to put your combat skills to the ultimate test.

  • Thetford, Norfolk Zombie Survival

    Min. Age 12

    30.1 miles from Ipswich

    With crypts, coffins, a church and a graveyard to battle it out in our Thetford venue is home to one of the most authentic zombie paintball experiences in the country. So get ready to fight the infected and search for supplies in the ultimate game of survival.

"An excellent day had by all. Thank you for making it so inclusive, positive and fun."

David Woricker, Tuddenham, Suffolk Airsoft

RATED 3.6 out of 5

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