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Paintballing Bristol

If you're based in Bristol you're seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to playing paintball, and with some of the best paintball parks in the country just a short drive from the city centre there's nowhere better to kit up and head into battle!

As well as our venue in Bristol you'll find purpose-built paintball parks in Bath Avon, Portishead, Newport and Gloucester, and with tailor-made game zones at each you can really put your combat skills to the test. The zones range from traditional woodland war zones to specially designed urban combat arenas, and whichever venue you choose you're guaranteed to feel like a real-life action hero as you battle it out to be the last player standing.

At our brilliant Bristol venue you'll have a choice of 18 different game zones to battle it out in, including Stronghold and Thunderdome, and at our enormous Bath Avon site you'll encounter everything from tanks and choppers, to planes and gun boats. But if like us you love traditional woodland war zones our Portishead, Newport and Gloucester venues are just as impressive, and they're packed with all the classic bunkers and buildings. So whether you're defending Camp Bastian, or searching Dodge City for bandits, you're in for some serious fun!

The sheer size of Bristol's best paintball parks makes them perfect for a variety of different missions and games too. So as well as taking on all the classics like capture the flag and elimination, you'll also be battling it out in expertly designed scenarios like Siege, Saving Private Ryan, Assassination and The Almo. Meaning your combat skills will be put to the ultimate test.

With five awesome purpose-built paintball arenas to blast your way round, Bristol's the perfect for paintball, and thanks to the city's excellent transport links getting to and from our sites couldn't be easier. Which means there's no excuse not to explore Bristol's best paintball parks and Go Ballistic!