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Paintballing Norwich

Norwich may be the home of the Canaries and Colman's mustard but when it comes to playing paintball they're just as keen, and you'll find some of the best paintball parks in the country just a short drive from the city centre.

As well as a venue in Norwich itself we have purpose-built paintball parks in Thetford, Ipswich, Kings Lynn and Colchester Tendring, and with game zones and scenarios to test even the most experienced paintballers nothing beats exploring Norwich's best paintball parks!

It's not just the choice of venues in the area that makes Norwich the perfect place for paintball though, the game zones at our sites are just as impressive. As well as a mix of traditional woodland war zones the sites are also home to some of the best tailor-made mission based game zones around, which means you can really push your combat skills to the limit.

At our Norwich and Thetford sites you'll take on game zones like the Sunken Village and The Holy Grail, and at our Ipswhich, Colchester and Kings Lynn venues you'll be battling it out in arenas like The Airstrip and The Abandoned Village. But it's not the names that make the game zones so exciting – it's everything that's squeezed into them! And as you battle it out to be the last player standing you'll encounter everything from tanks and planes, to bridges and castles, which means you're guaranteed some serious fun!

The zones at our venues are perfect for a whole host of different missions and games too, and as well as playing all the classics like capture the flag and elimination, you'll also get to test your combat skills by capturing villages, rescuing hostages and storming castles.

So with sites surrounding the city, and some of the best game zones in the country to battle it out in Norwich is the perfect place to kit up and Go Ballistic!