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    Adventures near Ormskirk

Closest sites to Ormskirk

Below are the 8 nearest locations to Ormskirk.

  • Ormskirk Paintball

    Min. Age 12

    3.0 miles from Ormskirk

    A 16 acre war zone, set within dense north west forest terrain, full to bursting with purpose-built barricades, forts and abandoned vehicles. Home to all the classic paintball skirmishes like capture the flag. A fast and furious, action packed venue.

  • Knowsley Laser Combat

    Min. Age 8

    7.0 miles from Ormskirk

    Get ready to immerse yourself in pure action from the very beginning, that's exactly what our Knowsley Laser Combat venue has to offer!

  • Wigan Zombie Survival

    Min. Age 16

    10.2 miles from Ormskirk

    For a bone chilling Zombie Survival experience, look no further than our fantastic venue in Wigan. Get ready, it's time to stop the dead in their tracks!
  • Wigan, Lancashire Airsoft

    Min. Age 13

    10.2 miles from Ormskirk

    With ravenous hordes of walking corpses lurking around every corner, you and your group must stay on your toes if you’re to come out of our venue alive.