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  • St Albans Paintball

    From £29.99 pp Min. Age 8

    commute 3 miles from St Albans, Hertfordshire

    The largest and busiest paintball site in the South East of England, our spectacular Bricket Wood venue is conveniently located where the M1 meets ...

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  • Hertford Paintball

    From £32.50 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 9 miles from St Albans, Hertfordshire

    Our Hertford paintball site is one of the UK Scenario Paintball scene's most influential paintball sites, is situated in Hatfield near London. A me...

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  • Broxbourne Paintball

    From £27.50 pp

    commute 12 miles from St Albans, Hertfordshire

    To be crowned champion of the battlefield, you need to defeat all of our war zones. Each game offers pulse-racing thrills and tactical challenges by t...

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  • High Wycombe Paintball

    From £9.99 pp Min. Age 10

    commute 22 miles from St Albans, Hertfordshire

    A smashing 16 acre war zone, with 10 unbelievable game zones. You and your mates will tackle a series of paint-blasting, roller coaster mission sce...

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  • Docklands, Greater London Paintball

    From £25.99 pp Min. Age 8

    commute 24 miles from St Albans, Hertfordshire

    A state of the art indoor paintball facility on the site of a decommissioned cold war nuclear shelter. This sci-fi themed war zone features hundred...

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  • Cambridge Paintball

    From £7.50 pp Min. Age 9

    commute 26 miles from St Albans, Hertfordshire

    This epic woodland Cambridge paintball venue features plenty of obstacles, bunkers, barricades and paint. Lots of paint. Compete in any of our thri...

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Paintballing St Albans

St Albans is ideally located a short distance from both Watford and central London, which makes it the perfect place to set up camp and sample some of the country's biggest and best paintball parks. And with five purpose-built paintball arenas in the area we guarantee you'll find the perfect place to kit up and unleash your inner action hero!

As well as a site in St Albans itself we also have paintball venues in Hertford, Broxbourne, Bishops Stortford and High Wycombe, and as well as being some of our most popular venues they're also home to some of the best game zones too! So whether you're a seasoned pro, or first time paintballer you're in for some serious fun.

At our St Albans site you'll have a choice of six woodland war zones, plus a tailor-made speed ball arena, whilst at our Broxbourne venue you'll get to blast your way round 4 scenario based game zones. At Hertford you'll take on zones like Hamburger Hill and Fort Ranger, and at High Wycombe you'll be battling out in Big Blue, which just leaves Bishop Stortford where you'll be running wild in the Two Towers and The Pen.

It's not just the variety of the game zones in and around St Albans that makes them so exciting though – it's everything that's packed into them, and as well as featuring all the classic bunkers and barricades you'll encounter forts, castles, cars and tanks. They're also perfect for paintballs most exciting missions and games too, and as well as competing in classics like capture the flag you'll also have to rescue hostages and storm towns. Which means your combat skills will really be pushed to the limit!

With the furthest venue in the area being just over 20 miles from St Albans you're never too far from your nearest Go Ballistic paintball park, and with excellent transport links to and from the capital there's no excuse not to kit up and make some serious mess!